Empowering Smarter Lives Distribution Leader

Empowering Smarter Lives Distribution Leader

--Seventh Dimension Company--

        Job Title: 
 Empowering Smarter Lives Distribution Leader.

        Directorate/ Department: 
        Commercial Directorate/ Distribution Section.

Empowering Smarter Lives ExecutiveAccount Executive, Customer Experience Representative.

        Reports to: 
Head of Distribution.

        Job Overview:
Empowering Smarter Lives Distribution Leader responsible for supervising and organizing the Account Executive team. will be in charge of managing organizational sales by developing business plans, meeting planned goals, and coordinating with the marketing department to develop a marketing plan for clients, also be tasked with overseeing the activities and performance of the Account Executive Team by tracking sales goals, setting individual sales targets, and facilitate the ongoing training of your salespeople.

        Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Meeting planned sales goals.

  • Setting individual sales targets with the sales team.

  • Tracking sales goals and reporting results as necessary.

  • Maintains sales volume, product mix, and selling price by keeping current with supply and demand, changing trends, economic indicators, and competitors.

  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, and establishing personal networks.

  • Develop and implement new sales initiatives, strategies, and programs to capture key demographics.

  • Carrying out any tasks entrusted by the direct manager in a manner that does not conflict with the interests of the Company.

 High school diploma or equivalent qualification.

 5+ years of experience.


  • Meeting Sales Goals.

  • Negotiation.

  • Sell to Customer Needs.

  • Motivation.

  • Sales Planning.

  • Build Relationships.

  • Coaching.

  • Manage Processes.

  • Market Knowledge.

  • Develop Budgets.


        Work Environment: 
        30% in the office and 70% outside.