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EPEIOS Hummingbird Gooseneck Coffee Kettle

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Product Code: CP001AGUK1

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    1. Designed and supervised by a professional barista to combines easy-to-use functionality and design

    2. The carefully-designed gooseneck spout to enable precise and smooth water pouring

    3.  Adjust the temperature in 1°C increments from 38 to 100°C (100 to 212°F) to extract coffee and pursue dedicate taste

    4. Equipped with a drip timer function of up to 5 minutes, allowing you to brew coffee at the optimal temperature and time.

    5.  A heat retention function to operate for 60 minutes with one touch and immediately handle additional brewing.

    6. Adopts a 1200W safe heating technology that can boil one cup in about 70 seconds

    7. A capacity of 0.9L, making it ideal for 1 to 4 people

    8. Parallel nozzle-body-handle design, with a weight of only 600g and an ergonomic handle for stable and comfortable pouring.

    9. Easy-to-grip shape, anti-slip handle and thoughtful steam outlet angle

    1. Temp. Control Knob with Dot Matrix Display
    2. Quick Heat Time 1200 Watt heating element

    1. Gooseneck Design Pouring
    2. 600g & easy-to-grip Handle

    1. Enjoy an intuitive, steady pour with its precision pour spout
    2. Blazing fast heat time, boil one cup in about 70 seconds

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