Seventh Dimension, established in 2010 in Kuwait, specializes in Retail, Distribution, E-commerce, and Business Solutions. They provide tailored services to help diverse businesses overcome challenges, optimize operations, and achieve growth. Their approach involves close collaboration with clients for customized solutions and tangible results. With proven methods and a skilled team, Seventh Dimension aims to enhance efficiency and foster lasting partnerships for success in the competitive market.



Our partnerships internally and externally are what drive us to success


We exist to do it better in every way, in unity and in each and every day


We will deliver every project with the utmost attention to operational excellence


Being ready to adapt to the changing needs of our customers and the world 


 We believe everyone of our team and our partners adds value to our community


Overcome yesterday's obstacles and remain secure to rise above the challenges ahead

Our Divisions

Every division is a vital component in our delivery of operational excellence 


In our Business Innovations division, our Distribution arm spans Kuwait, UAE, and Qatar, holding licenses for premium brands. With 350+ thriving retail partnerships, we focus on lasting collaborations that anticipate market needs. Our Retail segment, with nine strategic locations across Kuwait, Qatar, and UAE, meets evolving demands for accessories, gadgets, home appliances, and outdoor gear. Our brand portfolio remains agile and adaptable, guided by a pioneering spirit.


Our technology department is the driving force behind innovation, staffed by dedicated professionals leveraging technology for efficiency, security, and growth. We provide robust IT solutions, including network management and cybersecurity measures. Additionally, we enhance customer-facing technology for a seamless user experience, embodying progress and agility in the digital age.


Our Planning and Placement Team guides our product journey, overseeing everything from brand negotiation and distribution rights to shipping and logistics to our Kuwait and Qatar warehouses. They manage storage, distribution, including retail and client stores, and our delivery services. Their versatility shines in overseeing multiple aspects of our supply chain for seamless operations. 


In our Business Finance Division, we excel in comprehensive financial management. We efficiently handle cost center alignment, cash flow, P&L management, receivables, payables, and more. Our unique strength lies in modernization – all these processes are fully digitized and automated, eliminating paper usage. This commitment to technology underscores our dedication to efficiency and sustainability in financial operations. 



In our People Division, we emphasize an enriching environment through comprehensive onboarding, continuous education, career path planning, manpower management, staff training, and talent mapping. Our unique "work hard AND PLAY EVEN HARDER" philosophy fuels a vibrant atmosphere with internal activities, events, and competitions, backed by exceptional rewards. Our ultimate aim is to empower our employees for growth and success within our organization. 

The Seventh Dimension Community 

Our community is not just a collection of individuals; it's a dynamic network formed by shared values, unique connections, and a way of life the defies convention. Here, we embrace the power of unity, celebrating the richness that comes from diversity. WE ARE LOUD AND PROUD!

Come Onboard 

Partnerships are one of our core values. In Seventh Dimension, we believe in the power of collaboration and the strength that comes from building meaningful relationships. Whether you're an organization seeking to join forces or an individual looking to be a part of the community, there's a place for you here.

We welcome everyone to the culture of Partnerships, Agility, Excellence, Integrity, Strength, and Diversity