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Elevate your presence with Seventh Dimension's comprehensive suite of presence services. Strategically plan content, control your narrative on social media, and transition to an efficient marketing calendar. Our Execution Support team guides your successful content marketing journey. From print and outdoor media to digital media booking, we offer versatile messaging avenues. Count on us for meticulous event planning and execution, led by experienced Event Planners and Managers. Seventh Dimension ensures your brand's impactful and lasting success.






  • Using the right metrics, you will see a direct impact to your bottom line.
  • You’ll increase your knowledge base.
  • You’ll establish control over the calendar year.
  • Audience expectation makes them return to your website, which increases revenue. You want them spending as much time as possible on your store.
  • Sharing content increases customer base
  • The entire team can see and strategize accurately with updated calendar
  • Constant outreach is proven to increase revenue through new customers
  • Print media is proven to get your message out there
  • There is a resurgence on physical media
  •  Proven method to increase reach and revenue
  • Key locations in city means better sales overall
  • Excellent value for money
  • Can be monitored easily
  • Plenty of data to work with
  • Price conscious
  • Plenty of options
  • Increase revenue by creating a buzz
  • Boosts social media hype
  • Gets your audience talking and starting a discussion
  • Saves you time and money
  • Invaluable expertise in executing events on your behalf
  • Smooth events lead to happy attendees, all of which reflects well on your organization
  • A sales event will see a considerable uptick in revenue


  • Your audience will return to your content creation side and rely on it throughout the year.
  • Builds brand loyalty.
  • Build trust and positive expectation by willing to freely share your expertise.
  • Strengthen audience engagement
  • Creates a need that wasn’t there before
  • Become a thought leader
  • Operational clarity 
  • An easily shareable and adjustable document
  •  Build brand engagement
  • Control the narrative
  • Communication directly with your customers
  • Fix issues on the spot
  • Take advice and improve retention rates and repeat purchases
  • A change from exclusively digital media we see today
  • Opportunity to get creative with die cut and designs
  • Handy for customers to read through at their convenience
  • Does not require an internet connection
  • Memorable to those that see it
  • It is messaging that cannot be ignored
  •  Great reach means you can go to where your audience spends their time online
  •  Event planner is valuable in planning all the dozens of components needed for an event
  • Peace of mind working with a professional with proven track record of planning success
  •  Enjoy a quality event tailored just for you


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