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Explore a variety of services with Seventh Dimension's Business Development.

We provide a range of valuable services to support your business guidance needs. We offer meticulous Feasibility Studies to validate your ideas and Customer Needs Research to keep your finger on the pulse of evolving customer demands. Our Data Analysis service delivers data-driven insights, while Funding Plans help you secure capital strategically. Consider appointing a Dedicated Manager for comprehensive support, or opt for our flexible On-Demand Support. No matter your business's size or needs, we're here to make your business development journey smoother and more effective. 

Our Finance team brings essential insights to the table to help your business thrive. They align cost center objectives across departments to support your company's strategy. They keep a sharp eye on Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) for optimal cash flow management. Your Financial & Accounting Balance Sheet is their canvas, painting a picture of your financial health. Plus, they provide crucial insights through financial income statements to guide future strategies. When it comes to budgeting for cash flow, operational costs, and long-term assets, count on our Finance experts to keep your business in financial harmony, managing everything from salaries to supplies with finesse.

Our HR team offers a range of services to boost your organization. We predict future staffing needs through Manpower Planning, create effective job descriptions, and tap into hidden talent with Talent Mapping. We also provide staff training, budgeting expertise, and assist with organizational restructuring to improve your business environment. 

Our Legal team offers crucial services to protect your organization. We specialize in crafting tailored contracts and providing sound legal counsel to resolve disputes swiftly while ensuring full compliance with the law. In rare instances where court representation is needed, we're here to safeguard your interests.






  • Generates funds with the purpose of creating revenue
  • Scientific data is provable, and repeatable
  • Permanent team member to see things through aids in growth
  • Personal nature of answers means more can be understood
  • Lowers overhead
  • Essential in saving company money
  • Maximizes revenue
  • Better teamwork
  • Affects bottom line
  • Can save money as long as properly managed
  • Vital top-down view of assets and liabilities
  • Shows impact on bottom line
  • Makes goals more understandable and attainable
  • Properly managing operating expenses leads to greater profit
  • Overstaffing loses money, correct staff numbers saves and generates income
  • Ensures accountability and job performance in writing
  • Keeps employees on track and boosts performance
  • Improves employee output and increases productivity
  • Hiring new employees means new blood and a fresh perspective
  • Proper contract writing saves money and lawsuits, because they must be well-written or they may be invalid 
  • Less lawsuits with iron clad language and terms
  • Every company needs a strong legal team behind them
  • Save money through arbitration, removing the need for expensive court trials


  • On-demand support is an excellent alternative to full-time staff
  • No business complete without it
  • Department working together builds camaraderie
  • AP payments are part of a company’s reputation
  • The standard in money management provides peace of mind
  • Important to Stakeholders
  • Excellent for understanding current success
  • Better understanding of available funds after OPEX calculated
  • Preparation is key to keep operations running smoothly
  • Increases loyalty
  • Increases appreciation towards company
  • Brigs a positive newness and refresh departments
  • Safety in the knowing that you are covered from liability
  • Full range of contract your writing at your disposal
  • Operate as normal without fear when you have a good legal team
  • Legal team will answer you all questions related to corporate law


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