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Experience a transformative suite of IT services provided by Seventh Dimension. Seamlessly integrate IT sourcing to enhance your system's capabilities, guided by our expertise from design to configuration, with network management included. Safeguard your data and intellectual property through robust IT security measures. Our security systems ensure continuous protection, and our troubleshooting experts address present and future challenges creatively. Elevate customer service with ever-improving online bots, and benefit from custom or developed apps that enhance business processes across departments. Our meticulous maintenance and regular upgrades ensure optimal app performance. Embrace a streamlined path to success as Seventh Dimension simplifies complex business requirements.








  • Boosts output
  • Saves money
  • Power in owning your own network
  • Network managers aim to make the system more efficient
  • High chance that no breach will occur
  • An app fully developed under your request and ownership is advantageous
  • Timely maintenance will ensure that you suffer no disruptions
  • Ensures your apps remains on the market so you don’t suffer losses
  • Websites drive business
  • Increase brand understanding
  •  Saves money on advertising
  • Modern looking websites make for a better experience, and can drive sales
  • Improvements will help with customer buying
  • A marked increase in site traffic that leads to a direct sales increase.
  • Ease of use means more returning visitors to your eStore.
  • Adjust strategy on the spot with real time statistics.
  • All major payment methods and gateways accepted. This includes PayPal, Stripe, Square, Tap to pay through iPhone, and much more.
  • Macro and micro view of current revenue health helps employees and management never lose sight of KPIs and big picture.
  • Improved and streamlined shopping experience.
  • More likely to buy more frequently, and recommend to friends and family.
  • Dozens of additional apps to optimize revenue streams. This includes social media integration and marketing campaigns.
  • Increase revenue by going for a tailored ERP that maximizes output and reduces redundancies.



  • A worthy upgrade to any organization
  • A better system that your employees will appreciate
  • More likely to take ownership
  • Peace of mind in having a security system protecting your company
  • A team of professionals monitoring the network 24/7
  • Ease of mind knowing that day-to-day issues are resolved quickly
  • Wide availability means many options
  • Employees more excited to work with a fully self-owned app
  • Smooth operations keeps all team members effective and motivated
  • Keeping the app up to date shows follow through on long term vision
  • Must have in today’s market
  • Easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection
  • A broken website causes many issues in most divisions
  • Once upgraded will be some time before needed again
  •  Customers are familiar with bots
  • A stale bot will turn customers off
  • Positive first shopping experience keeps customers coming back. A bad first experience is one of the biggest complaints affecting repeat customers.
  • Live data and sales at your fingertips equals increased confidence across the board for employees.
  • Decreasing the number of unknown factors empowers employers and employees with the ability to do more in less time.
  • Increased morale across the salesforce. [MOU1]
  • Peace of mind working with a proven eCommerce platform used by billion-dollar and small businesses alike.
  • Put worries aside with a highly scalable platform.
  • An active and welcoming community willing to help and grow your business.
  •  A convenient, flexible, and customizable module system. Usable by new and experienced users alike.
  • Massive variety of applications on the Odoo eStore.



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