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Bolt Hair Dryer Silver

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Product Code: 2001002000002-QA

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    The ultra-light and compact dryer weighs only 180 g, providing you with convenience and ease of use.

    With three air temperature and speed settings, you have full control over your hairstyle.

    Equipped with a brushless motor that provides an incredible rotational speed - up to 110,000 revolutions per minute! At the same time, it keeps the noise level low so that you can enjoy silence and comfort while drying.

    Memory function remembers your preferred temperature and speed settings, giving you a personalized experience.

    And with 1800 W of power and an ionization function, your hair will look even better than ever before.

    Ionization function generates negative charges that neutralize the positive charges on the hair, making it smoother and more manageable.

    Cold air drying function closes the hair cuticles, improving their appearance and health.

    Spray negative ions with a concentration of up to 30 million ions/cm3.

    Negative ions will be absorbed and attached by the hair,and then penetrate into the hair core. In this way, an aqueous protective layer can be formed on the outer layer of the hair, so the water in the hair is locked. This will make your hair more hydrated and healthy.

    High Speed Airflow new type of high-speed brush-less motor.

    The speed of this motor can be increased to 110000 rpm.

    The traditional motor speed is only 20000 rpm. So under 1800W, the speed of this blow dryer is increased by 5-6 times.

    9 Modes & 3 Diffusers : three speeds modes and 3 Nozzles .

    You can get cold air, warm air and hot air. And you can use low speed, medium speed and fast speed.

    The combination of 9 modes can make you easily meet different modeling needs.

    The air flow is directly transmitted from the right side of the hair dryer to the left air outlet through the motor.

    Low noise & Lightweight It can operate at a volume below 72 dB. Different from the traditional bulky hair dryer, The body of this blow dryer is only 0.61 pounds.

    1. 3 Air Temp & 3 Speed Settings
    2.1800W  Power

    1. Motor speed 110,000 rpm.
    2. Low noise level: 68-72 dB

    1. Keep Your Hair Healthy:
    2. Remembers the temperature settings and selected speed (Memory function)

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