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Bolt 2-1 Ice Maker & Water Dispenser

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    BOLT 2in1 water dispenser has not only crisp cold water and warm hot water output, but also bullet ice output. Hot water & ice & cold water, three modes can be synchronized.

    You can also use this water dispenser as an ice maker. It makes 12pcs ice in 6-10 minutes on average.

    2 Ways to add water: Top-loading water system allows you to see if the dispenser is running low (BOTTLE NOT INCLUDED).

    Suitable for 3-5-gallon water bottles and creates a tight seat to prevent any contaminants from entering your water supply.

    You can also manually pour 3.2L of water from the top.

    Built-In Ice Maker- BOLT 2 in1 Water Dispenser built-in ice maker makes 12 bullet ice cubes in an average of 7-11 minutes (depending on the ambient temperature). Ice making capability 44 lbs within 24 hours. Ice storage capability 4 lbs.

    Auto Shut off System - If there is no enough water to make ice, the ice maker will stop automatically, and the Warning Indicator will be on.

    It automatically stops working when the unit is full of the ice inside.

    Recycles the water after ice melts .You don’t need to drain it

    Child Safety Lock on the hot water spout so the entire family can use it worry free.

    You can find the water tank back of the ice machine. When you need to clean it just remove the water tank. It is easy to clean

    Three temperature settings allow you to customize your drinking experience. This dispenser features a crisp cold cool or piping hot output.

    Equipped with an intelligent control panel and indicator lights, so you can easily enjoy water and ice just by pressing a button.

    100% stainless steel protects water purity in hot and cold reservoirs while maintaining cooler longevity.

    1. 2IN1 Ice Maker & Water Dispenser
    2. Ice Making cycle time 7-11 mins

    1. Cold Water Tank 2.5L &  Hot Water Tank 0.8L
    2. Ice-making Capacity 20kg / day

    1. Customize your drinking experience.
    2. Easily enjoy water and ice just by pressing a button.

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