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Hama 90° Flexi-Slim Spiral 3.5 mm Audio Cable 1.5 m

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    High-quality materials for excellent sound quality without interference
    Light and space-saving due to the flexible coiled cable and the 90° plugs
    Flexible materials guarantee optimum kink protection and prevent cable breakage
    Gold-plated plug with low contact resistance for secure signal transmission
    Form-fitting plug with elevation for a firm hold in every jack socket, also with a bag/cover, for excellent audio quality without interruption

    1. 90° Flexi-Slim Spiral
    2. 3.5 mm Cable Plug

    1. Ideal For transmitting analogue audio signals (between an MP3 player and an amplifier)
    2. Designed for devices with a jack connection

    1. Excellent audio quality without interruption
    2. Plug & Play

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