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Momax 1-Charger Flow PD 80W 4 Ports GAN Desktop Charger

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Product Code: 4894222073562-QA

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    Maximum 80W fast charging

    Provides faster and more efficient charging speed, with a single output up to 80W, which can charge mobile phones, tablets, and some notebook computers such as MacBook Pro, etc.

    Unique Design Language

    Let the concept “Charge like water; Be in your flow” into the products, and position “flow” be a main design language

    4-port comprehensive charging function

    Provides two USB-C and two USB-A ports, which can charge four devices simultaneously

    Support UFCS (Universal Fast Charging Specification)

    Compatible with most brand devices (such as Apple, Samsung, vivo, Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi)

    Using GaN technology

    Compact, powerful GaN charger , ideal for Home or Office Use

    Suitable for both office and home occasions

    Use space more efficiently with a simple desk stand that comes with a stand for vertical placement

    Save and Reliable

    Equipped with high-end tech, high temperature resistance, short-circuit protection, high strength and hardness capacity protect

    Security Protection

    Provides overcurrent/overvoltage/short circuit and overtemperature protection, passed CCC/CE/FCC/RoHS certification

    1. GaN Charging
    2. Max 80W output AC 100-240V~

    1. 4-port comprehensive charging function
    2. Smart Power Allocation

    1. Suitable for both office and home occasions
    2. Save and Reliable

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