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DJI Mic 2 Full Kit - (2 TX + 1 RX + Charging Case)

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    Always Sound Great

    Capture brilliant audio with DJI Mic 2's omnidirectional audio recording, optimized for vocals. Easily handle vlogs, interviews, and more.

    When Quietness Matters

    The new intelligent noise cancelling feature [1] effectively reduces environmental noise for clean and clear conversations, even in noisy areas.

    Extended Battery Life

    Each transmitter and receiver has a remarkable 6-hour operating time, can be extended to a generous 18 hours with the charging case.

    250m (820 ft.) Range

    With powerful anti-interference capability, Mic 2 offers a 250m (820 ft.) max audio transmission range, meeting the needs of most scenarios.

    All-In-One Storage

    The charging case automatically pairs the receiver and transmitters, so you can get started as soon as you open it up.

    Versatile and Impressive

    Each transmitter has 8 GB of internal storage for up to 14 hours of uncompressed 48kHz 24-bit audio and 32-bit float internal recording.

    Extensive Compatibility

    Mic 2 supports USB-C and Lightning outputs, as well as 3.5mm TRS analog output. It is compatible with most cameras, smartphones, and computers.

    1. Intelligent Noise Cancelling, Crystal-Clear Vocals
    2. 14-Hour Internal Recording & 32-bit Float Internal Recording

    1. 250m (820 ft.) Range
    2. 18-Hour Battery

    1. High-Quality Audio Recording
    2. All-In-One, Ready to Use

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