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Disney Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Lotso Pink

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    Multiple devices and systems for mobile phones, tablets, and computers, available with Bluetooth, with touchscreen operation, convenient and fast.

    Sensitive microphone Can clearly convey words to the other party even in noisy environments.

    Large capacity continuous listening to music 150mAh charging box capacity, allowing you to enjoy a whole day.

    Comfortable to wear for a long time without fatigue Able to listen to music for a long time without experiencing wear fatigue.

    Music and screen synchronization Paired with a brand new antenna design, keeping audio and visual syn

    Bluetooth Version : V5.3

    6-8hours(Used with charging box)

    Charging Time: About 2hour(All technical information is subject to actual performance)

    Transmission Distance: Up to 10 meters

    1. Open-Ear Design
    2.6-8hours Play Time

    1. Compatible with Android/iOS smartphones, PC, and tablets with BT function.
    2. Twist & Bend Design

    1. Ensure maximum comfort during extended wear.
    2. Keeping you connected and aware of your surroundings and pain-free wearing for all-day listening.

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