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MACNOA MacGrind Craft

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Product Code: 704070301001-QA

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    Titanium Precision, 60 Ways to Perfection

    Macnoa MacGrind Craft , featuring a precision-engineered titanium burr and 60 adjustable grind sizes.

    Compact and durable, it ensures the perfect grind for every brewing method, from fine espresso to coarse French press.

    Titanium Burr

    Chestnut Handle

    Grip to Hold

    60-Step Coarseness Adjustment

    Light Weight

    Easy Disassembly & Cleaning

    Portable & Durable

    Noiseless Grinding


    Avoid Over-Tightening

    Do Not Wash Main Body

    1. 60 adjustable grind sizes.
    2. Chestnut Handle

    1. #420 stainless steel blade
    2. Comes with a brush for hassle-free cleaning.

    1. Easy to operate.
    2. Stowable handle, easy to travel with.

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