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Eufy SmartTrack Link -Black

Brand: Eufy SKU: T87B0011

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Product Code: T87B0011

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    Just use the pre-installed Find My app and add SmartTrack Link to the Items tab.
    You can then locate it anywhere in the world using Apple's network of millions of devices.
    Avoid tearing up your apartment searching for your phone.
    With just a double tap, your phone rings even in silent mode.
    Avoid losing your belongings in the first place with instant left-behind alerts via the eufy Security app with no added fee.
    If something's lost, you're always connected via Link's QR code.
    A person who finds your item can scan and see only the contact information you share.
    Share with Friends and Family With the eufy Security app you can let others know the location of your items too.
    Water Resistant with a Replaceable CR2032 Battery

    1. Works with Apple Find My
    2. Find Your Phone in Silent Mode

    1. Always Linked to Your Item connected via Link's QR code.
    2. Water Resistant

    1. Share with Everyone via eufy Security app
    2. Keep track of anything you constantly forget


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